Monday, July 23, 2007


One of my favorite places online to find handmade crafts and original art is a site called Etsy. It's cool because creative folks can set up "etsy shops" - little online stores where they can sell their work. It's actually a requirement of the site that the items for sale on it are handmade. The site is really interactive and kind of fun to browse! You can even search all the items by color! So, if you're looking for art, jewelry, scarves, or anything else really - chances are you will be able to find something one of a kind on Etsy. If you're crafty, you should definitely open an etsy store!

Here are some cool things I found on Etsy today! Click on the images to visit that artist's etsy store:

Like I said, you can get all kinds of things on Etsy. To shop Etsy right now, click here!


Briana Winter said...

oh my gosh...ok, now you're reading my mind...i LOVE this etsy site!

shaerocker said...

etsy is the man. and so are you! haha...awesome job here it!

jeni fujita said...

OMG! I'm sending my friend Tyrone to your site immediately! He makes sweaters and hats and bags like nobodies business. He needs to know about etsy like yesterday!

A Bella Life said...

Yeah, Etsy is the best. I hope Tyrone opens an Etsy shop, stat! Then tell him to send me a link so I can go shopping, haha