Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Looking for Photographers

I thought I'd look through Craigslist for some wedding photographers in the Western Massachusetts area but the few photographers I found were just not my style. I am still in love with Punam Bean's site. I love her pictures, and I e-mailed her again to request a meeting. I can only hope that she is free next year on May 16th and that we can afford her amazing talents. I encourage you to visit her website and her blog where she showcases a lot of her photographs. She does weddings, engagements, headshots and all sorts of stuff. What a talented gal!

These are a few of my favorites, she has such a great eye.

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Anonymous said...

have you decided who you will have as your photographer yet? I can ask people around. there are tons of photographers that I know and they must know some good "artsy" wedding photographers...yes?
-roommate S.