Sunday, June 1, 2008

Casual Wedding?

I've been pondering the issue of the wedding dress lately. A few people have suggested getting started with that soon because altering takes a long time. I had sort of planned on starting to look in December, knowing that I would probably change my mind another 15-20 times between now and May of next year. Anyway, lately I've been browsing online for dress ideas that are .... less gown-like, and more casual I guess. I don't really know what I want to do, but I know I haven't seen any dresses online that I love yet. Not to mention... I don't think (from what I've seen), that a traditional wedding dress is really going to be for me.

That said, I was playing around on Polyvore with some color themes and with a more casual look for a wedding and came up with this little collage. To family and very formal friends reading this: don't be afraid just yet about the short dress and the blue colors!! I know its scary for some people to see nontraditional looks, but I'm exploring some ideas here, ha!

I actually really love that dress.... and I just found out, that it is a Vera Wang Lavender dress! I adore the pockets, and that hair is super chic and cool! I looked for colors I like, and of course landed on this blue that many people know is right up my alley.

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