Friday, July 4, 2008

Back from the break

Oops! So I took an unexpected break recently. It's been busy around these parts!

Lately I've been trying to keep up with work but also keep an eye on wedding stuff. I have been looking for a photographer, which I found very frustrating because of the whole "digital negatives" and copyright issue. I took a break from it as a result. An unexpected product of this whole thing is that I would like to try photography myself! Wade got me a really nice lens for my birthday, and since that I've been staring at gear online and at B&H. There are two more things I'd like to get to be 'set up' to do some serious photography! I'm pretty psyched. I found a great class to take at the International Center of Photography but I'll probably have to take it after the wedding (funds and all).

Anyway, here are some new pictures I took with the lens. They are also on my flickr page (I think).

Batty facing the camera, Bella looking away.
Pete & Phil's Dierdra

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Anonymous said...

so you haven't found a wedding photographer yet...right?
I am getting some more photographers' contacts from someone I know soon...I will forward the info.
I am going home in August. we should play before that.
"roommate S"