Saturday, February 21, 2009

{ Blog Design Giveaway }

I so need a blog re-design. I don't know squat about all that stuff, but I wish I could just get someone to help me for free... but wait! I can! Or at least I can try and get them to give it to me for free, haha, and you can too :)

I was visiting the Busy Vee Activities Blog where she posted about Fresh Design Studio who is doing a contest to win a free re-design of your blog. So ......if you're like me and WANT a better design but have no time, money, or skills and are forced into using a template from blogger, Kaela from Fresh Designs can help you. And you know what? If I don't win, maybe when money things get better after the wedding I'll pony up some $$ (holy COW I just realized she sells her redesigns for a mighty affordable $50!) and buy a redesign from her etsy shop!


Busy Vee said...

well lets keep our fingers crossed! :-) thanks for stopping by & following !YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy Vee said...

YAY you won! congrats!

A Bella Life said...

Hey thanks!!! I'm psyched its my first internet contest win! The web gods are smiling down on me :)