Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back... This time for good?

If there's anyone left reading my blog, haha, I'm back! Lately, I've been obsessing over the idea of styling a photo shoot -- for fun! I think the best way to learn as much as I can about photography will be to practice with my own little shoots before going out there in the wild.

After trying to drag @tinamathew into it with no success, I thought I'd take a stab at styling something fun and colorful today. So, please don't call me weird for setting up little parties for no one in my front yard, because that is just what I did!

In case you're interested in what I did, I first opened up the Adobe Ideas App on my iPad. Not because I needed it, but these days it's easy to grab it and jot/sketch some ideas down. Once I made a list of possible shoot ideas, I opened up Pixelmator and designed 1. an invite to my make-believe party and 2. a menu. (Oh, and I've had the yellow/grey color scheme on the brain because my close friend Deanna is getting married very soon and those are her colors!)

Then I ransacked my kitchen for cute glasses, plates, and napkins to "set the table." Luckily on my way home Friday, I picked up some beautiful peonies (reminds me of my wedding, which was just about a year ago) and arranged them in a "ball jar."

Away I went to print, cut, make fake margaritas, salt the glasses, tie the napkins and make a few place cards.

Anyway, the result is some photos I think I can be proud of. Check out the board I created below. This was my first one, so I think that if I try more, I can perfect this art.

Thanks for reading, xoxoxo!

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amykazuye said...

Yay, you're back! Looks lovely - perfect summer setup. And it makes me thirsty for a margarita.