Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A peak at my place...

My apartment is definitely still a work in progress, but I wanted to include some pictures to show the current state of things. Right now, I'm in the process of choosing a coffee table, some shelves for my living room, as well as artwork for the walls. I literally spent 7 months looking for a sofa and finally settled on the one you see from Room & Board. This is my living room below:

The chair is a classic "Poang" Ikea chair, and the rug is a clearance find from Target. I'll be sure to post more pictures as I add things to the room!

Below, is a reading corner I've set up in my bedroom.

The chair is actually covered in a sheet that I got from Urban Outfitters, because the cats got pretty far in scratching it up and I don't know what to do about it yet. It's actually a really cool chair that I promise to unwrap and take pictures of soon. The lucite "u-turn" table was a sale purchase from Chiasso. If you're into looking at things for inspiration, I suggest subscribing to the Chiasso catalog for sure, or at least browsing their site! Lastly, the lamp is from the Global Bazaar series at Target.


Charmy said...

Cheers to a great APT.!
i'm a copykitty,

A Bella Life said...

Kitchy - I went to your blog, but couldn't leave a comment! What a great name, I can't wait to see more. Blog on Sista. Haha, I'm so corny ;-)

Jake Redman said...

Those U.O. Sheets/Tapestries are really stylish and versatile. I needed something to tie the color of my futon couch-slash-"guest bed" to my actual living room furniture. AND I used another one I just liked the pattern for and stretched it into a picture frame and made art out of it. Maybe I'll send pictures sometime...or maybe you can just come to Queens and see it yourself one of these days.