Monday, July 30, 2007

Spice up your Ikea sofa

Did you know you can buy an Ikea sofa without the slipcover? You can, but you're probably wondering why you would. Well, during my search for a sofa, I discovered a wonderful site called Bemz. Bemz is a Stockholm, Sweden based company that sells removable, washable slipcovers for sofas, armchairs and cushions. The best thing about Bemz, though, is that they make said slipcovers for Ikea sofas! Bemz has a great, unique selection of fabrics. You can even request swatches and they'll send them to you free of charge! I have to admit, the swatches I received in the mail (see above pic) far exceeded my expectations as far as quality of the fabric is concerned. The site is interactive and you can 'preview' the specific Ikea sofa you have with the fabric of your choice. The picture below, is the Klippan Sofa, in one of the Bemz fabrics (using the preview feature). They have a lot to choose from too, so I would definitely recommend a visit to the site!


jeni fujita said...

M. Can you tell us all about that furniture trade site...the one you were telling me about thats like craigs list but people do trades...?

jeni fujita said...

The swatches btw. Awesome! Thanks again for the info.