Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wall Art

A couple of months ago when I became obsessed with decorating blogs, I noticed that everyone was always talking about wallpaper! I decided I wanted to wallpaper too...UNTIL everyone started talking about these removable, paint free, vinyl patterns you could add to your wall! How perfect for me, and all the renters out there who want to customize their walls without any hassle. Anyway, you can buy them in a number of places, and they're only getting cheaper! Here are some beautiful images of this sort of wall art. If you're interested in finding wall decals, just e-mail me or post a comment and I'll send links!


Anonymous said...

That is a really great idea. I LOVE that tree one. Hmmm, so many ideas, so little time (read: money). ;)


jeni fujita said...

um.......yes please. post link!! must have! you rock my world.

jason said...

Woah. Those things are AWESOME and look really really gorgeous.