Monday, August 20, 2007

Links to Vinyl Wall Art

Hello - just a quick post to give you the links where you can order the wall art from my last post!

Paisley & More
Rolling Dandelion
Flying Birds
More Vinyl Wall Art can be found here & here.

Enjoy! If you order some, please send pics of how & where you used it!


Dan O Mc said...

What a wonderful, timeless, easy idea that can bring comfort and familiarity to any room, no matter where you are.

Briana Winter said...

hi margaret-

didn't know where to ask this question as it isn't related to vinyl wall art...
i'm currently re-organizing my closet and was surprised to find that when i googled shoe organizers, i couldn't find much along the lines of a basic cubby-hole organizer. i currently have a vertical hanging shoe orgainzer but i need the hanger space. any creative suggestions?
thanks, briana

amykazuye said...

so awesome, i'm seriously considering the clouds and airplane from the "kids" collection (hrmph!) at blick. thanks for the ideas!