Sunday, April 13, 2008


I celebrated the 70-ish degree weather on Saturday by buying a few plants for the balcony! Then, I took a trip to Marshall's to buy some pots and a cute watering can... All in all, I bought 3 pots, the can, a cilantro plant, pansies, and some other kind of flower I can't remember. I'm pretty pumped for the weather to stay warm so that I can buy some more plants. Here's a pic of that watering can and one of the pots from Marshall's. The pots all cost me a mere $3.99 each.... I bought 3. The can was a little more expensive ($9.99) but considering the price I got for the pots, I was okay with it!

I'm pretty intent on keeping my winter coat put away, so let's cross our fingers for the weather to stay nice. Have a great week!

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