Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Date!!!!!!

It's official, we have a date and a location for the wedding! Wade and I will be getting married on May 16, 2009 in The Berkshires and our reception will be at MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts! Here are a few pictures from the MASS MoCA Flickr page as well as their official website! MASS MoCA is housed on a restored 19th century factory campus.

The space for the reception

The exterior

Someone else's reception at Mass Moca

I'm so excited to actually start planning! I've already subscribed to a few bridal blogs (see the left column for some of my favorites) and magazines but now I get to take a serious look at photographers, lighting, rentals, etc. As soon as we found out that you could rent the space at MASS MoCA, we were pretty pumped about the thought of having it there. We've visited there together before, and I feel like it is such an appropriate location. Wade was born in North Adams and his dad grew up just across the street from the Museum's campus at what is now The Porches Inn. Plus, HELLO!!! It's an Art Museum, one of my favorite ones and I can't wait to have a big party there! I'll be updating the blog with all sorts of fun stuff soon :)


amykazuye said...

Margieeeeeeeee!!!!! How dare you plan your wedding for a time when I may be out of the country? I'll try to get back for it. Drove past MassMOCA last week and it's so gorgeous out there. Perfect spot for a wedding.
Better see you in Ann Arbor soon. Or Else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margie,


Good to know that u both found a beautiful place. Good Luck ......

Anonymous said...

LOVE MASSMoCA--I'm hoping to get married there, too. Now to nail them down on an open date in 2009...

Are you having your ceremony there, too? I'm concerned about starting a ceremony at 7:00 and not getting around to dinner until 9:00, especially for the grandparents.

I would love to talk to you about your planning as you go...or maybe I'll just hijack ideas from your blog!

Congrats, and happy planning!

A Bella Life said...

Hey Beth!! I don't have an e-mail address for you so I hope you check back here! Please feel free to e-mail me at - our ceremony will be at the Second Congo Church - I think having it all at MASS MoCA would be great except you have to wait til the museum closes which does become quite the predicament. Anyway I'd be happy to share my ideas, vendors etc! I haven't posted much about it because I realized I'd be ruining the surprise of it all for my guests (my family who read my blog, haha)! I hope you write me :) Thanks for stopping by!