Sunday, April 6, 2008

We Heart It

We Heart It is my newest and latest addiction. Don't worry I'm equally (sort of) splitting time between Polyvore and We Heart It! My Google Reader has 891 unread articles, so I can't continue this addictive behavior too much longer or I'll miss out on all the latest updates from my favorite bloggers ;-)

Anyway, back to We Heart It. It's a fairly new site that lets you bookmark images and video that you like on the web. You can also add someone to your contacts and see what they are bookmarking. It's like a visual Twitter (which has to be a whole new post in itself since I just started using twitter)! For an idea of how this works, you can go to my page on We Heart It to see what pictures I've added to My Heart. I think its a pretty neat site, especially if you're looking for some inspiration! I'm also a big fan of photography and art, so it works out nicely for me. Give it a whirl, you may like it too :-)

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