Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Lately I've been thinking of selecting some art for the walls, so I've been browsing around the net on Etsy and the like. I have this new idea to collect posters from the concerts I go to. Like, last week I went to see Tegan and Sara and I was hellbent on buying a poster. Too bad they were sold out :( So now I think I am going to work on designing a few posters myself, then taking them to a printing shop! The problem is the part where I have to figure out the printing requirements and all technical stuff. I worked on two posters this weekend and I'll let these designs marinate and continue to try more. If and when I get them printed and framed I will be sure to share the final pictures of them on the wall! I kind of like a retro look and feel, so that is what I was going for. Comments? Suggestions?

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