Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ahhhh to blog

So I've been feeling design deficient lately. I guess its because I'm doing a million other things, and trying to learn photography at the same time. Anyway let's get back to basics for a minute shall we?

Blogs I've been following, click the pic to get to the blog:

Archana of Rang Decor has it right. This is one of my most favorite blogs to follow, she's always very inspiring, and in fact it was one of the few blogs that inspired me to start my own. Not to mention, hellloooooo - its all about Indian design!! How cool that someone has chosen to focus on the beautiful patterns, colors, and views of India.

Jen from Simply Photo does exactly what I'd like to be diligent and creative enough to do every single day! And that is, share beautiful pictures with her readers. I love this blog for the beautiful images and her great eye.

Summer from Design is Mine is another one of my faves. This blog is a must-visit as well, she includes all aspects of design from decorating to fashion to food!!! She even has another blog dedicated to food called Bread and Honey, which is filled with beautiful images and great recipe ideas!

I encourage you to visit these blogs to get your daily dose of inspiration! Trust me, you'll thank me!!

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