Friday, August 15, 2008

I heart decor8 and Ikea!

Holly from decor8 posted this link recently (though I'm not sure when because I'm so behind on my blog reading!) and I had to pass it on to those of you who don't read decor8. Plus, I just went to Ikea today!

hehe click here!

Mind you, I don't understand a word, but still cool none the less... when are we getting a US site? I think its a fabulous idea and a great marketing tool for them! I always want to see how folks use different pieces of furniture/accessories and colors in their own places - people are so creative!!

In the meantime, if you're handy and not aware of the cool blog
Ikeahacker you should check it out! Not related to the Ikea tv site in any way, I just figured while I was on the topic of Ikea I might as well share!

One last Ikea note, if you haven't seen it or received it in the mail yet, the Ikea 2009 catalogue is out! If I find anything interesting for any of your projects I know about, I'll be sure to post images/links this weekend! You can view the online version here or by clicking the image of it above. Like I said, I heart Ikea.

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