Friday, August 15, 2008

West Elm: How to create a gallery wall at home

I got my latest West Elm e-mail with a link to some of their new frames and art. The cool thing is that they have a link to a pdf that gives some cool instructions on how to create a gallery wall like the one in the picture above! The method they've posted can be used with their artwork alone or combined with your own pictures or artwork that you may have purchased via Etsy.

Click here for the pdf.

Warning, in their instructions they specifically say you have to buy their artwork and frames because they've include "patterns" with each frame. These patterns are basically a piece of paper the size of the frame. You can use any frame at home along with the blank side of some paper to create your own "pattern" and layout on the wall.

If what I'm saying makes no sense, try the following instructions:

1. take any frame you have and lay it over some paper (wrapping paper if its a big frame).

2. trace around the frame and cut that piece out.

3. then turn your frame over to show the back, and lay the cut piece of paper over it to make a mark where the nails have to be.

4. tape this piece of paper on the wall (with painters tape) where you want it.

5. nail through the mark you made on your paper.

Now you could do this with several different frames and pieces of paper to create a layout on the wall and just hook your pictures on and you're good to go with that gallery feel! I happen to like some of their art stuff and I know some of my Brooklyn peeps will like the Brooklyn print!

If you have a wall at home where you've displayed a collage of artwork like the one above, please share a picture or add a comment on how you curated your wall, where you found the artwork and how you hung it up!

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