Friday, December 31, 2010

{ Instagram Love }

NYC skyline (ps mobile, instagramapp)
Photo taken with iPhone, using Instagram filter Nashville

If you haven't downloaded the FREE Instagram app for iPhone, you're missing out on some seriously fun and inspiring times.

Instagram is like Twitter, but for mobile photos. I can't believe it took this long for someone to come up with a social site for sharing photos on the go! Of course there's Twitpic, and then there's Flickr and the like, but it's not the same because those sites are on the Internets. Instagram is not a site you can access online, which I like. You upload pics from your iPhone and have about 13 filters in the app that you can use to process your photos.

So that's what I love about Instagram: It's a great way to share and showcase photos taken on the go.

What I hate about Instagram?

Pet Peeve #1: People post photos taken on dslrs!
I'm only annoyed because I feel the entire point of this platform is to share pictures taken on a mobile phone. I personally like the challenge and had hoped others would as well. I don't think these people are trying to fool anyone, it's just that I feel they've missed the point.

Pet Peeve #2: People who follow you just to get a follow-back.

And then they un-follow you when you don't follow them! Listen, I'm all about getting followers to share my craft -- who isn't? But the thing is that I only follow people whose photos I want to see because I like the work they're creating - not because I expect anyone to follow me back.

I'm not going to end on a negative because I do LOVE this app, so here are the positives:

Instagram Love #1: The people on Instagram are SO NICE.
It's such a wonderful community, full of folks who not only take wonderful pictures, but encourage others with insightful comments.

Instagram Love #2: The games!

I've just recently been let in on a game or two. One user, @chrysti circulated a game called {with one image}. She took an unfiltered photo of three trees and posted it with a message asking fellow Instagrammers to edit the pic how they please and repost it with the game's name. She reposted some of her favorites and made it a goal to visit the pages of people who participated. A brilliant idea! Not only did I have fun looking at all the wonderful ways people edited her photo, I had fun editing the pic and sharing it as well.

Instagram Love #3: Teachers.

There are Instagrammers out there who want nothing more than to help aspiring photographers hone their skills and improve their shots. They'll post tips along with their photos to help others achieve the same results.

Instagram Love #4: All the new apps!

Wow, I thought I had a lot of photo apps before, but really I had nothing compared to what's out there. I've enjoyed learning about other apps and emptying my pockets to buy them all! In general I stick to the basics with PS Mobile, TiltShiftGen & the Instagram filters, but I now enjoy Diptic, PhotoStudio, Picture Show And TiltShift as well.
Instagram Love #5: Inspiration

Just as Flickr had provided me with endless hours of jaw-dropping reactions to the amazing things people do with their DSLRs, Instagram has done the same for the mobile photographer. It's amazing to see what people do with their iPhones and a few apps or filters -- sometimes with no filters at all! It truly goes to show you that the best camera to use for photography is whatever camera you have on you at the time you see an opportunity. I didn't make that up -- lots of people have said that and though I never truly understood it at first, I totally get it now.

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