Friday, December 31, 2010

{ Moona & Yama }

Moona first contacted me to chat about having a relaxed photo session to get some new, fresh photos for her and her fiance Yama to use on their wedding website!

I met them down in D.C. about a week ago, and we went to some of their favorite spots around the city. We started at the Dupont fountain, then went to a cute French place called Bistrot du Coin. We made a stop at the Khalil Gibran memorial garden in Normanstone Park and after that Yama took us to his favorite spot - The Spanish Steps. I think that is one of my new favorite spots now, so thanks to Yama for sharing it!

Even though there was a blizzard going on in NYC, DC only got hit with some gorgeous flurries and a few flakes with just the tiniest bit of wind -- which made for some dreamy photos. I have to thank Reena for dragging my stuff around DC and scouting some great spots and shots!

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites as much as I loved taking them :)

{ above right & left: dupont circle }

{ above left: spanish steps, above right: khalil gibran memorial park }

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