Sunday, January 9, 2011

{ Anthropologie Love }

I. love. Anthropologie.

I could seriously hang out in one of their stores for hours at a time and lose track of what's going on and where I have to be. There are just too many interesting things to enjoy looking at. It can sometimes (most of the time) be too pricey for my budget but they do have excellent sales.

Today I hit up the Montclair, NJ Anthropologie store, located in the Hinck Building -- a historic Spanish mission building. The space is gorgeous. Here are some pretty interesting nooks and crannies in the store.

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Jake Redman said...

Anthropologie is cool. Wan and I went to one in Arizona while visiting family not long ago. I sat there and read books about how cool New York is while she shopped. Then the girl at the counter got really excited when she found out we lived in New York and how she always wanted to visit. Actually, it all made me really excited to come home. But store.