Sunday, January 16, 2011

{ Boutique Shopping In Park Slope }

On Saturday I got a chance to finally hit up some of the awesome shops in Park Slope (Brooklyn) I'd been hearing about from a good friend who is lucky enough to live there. It wasn't really great for my budget, but it was fantastic for my wardrobe!

I got a really cool Marc Jacobs blazer from a shop called Two Lovers that sells previously owned items. The blazer's got this sweet velvet trim, and I know no one can see the inside lining of the jacket but me, but it's lovely. I kind of have a thing for what the lining looks like anyway :) It was the first thing I bought, so after that I looked for items that would pair well with it.

Next up, from Goldy Mac I got this ruffle peasant top, which looked pretty good with the blazer.

And lastly, I was looking forward to going to Flirt the most (especially after getting a super cute top from there for Christmas)... I picked up this silk floral top, which is my favorite of the two pairings with the blazer.

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