Sunday, September 23, 2007

Organize Your Shoes

Briana wrote in:

I'm currently re-organizing my closet and was surprised to find that when i googled shoe organizers, i couldn't find much along the lines of a basic cubby-hole organizer. i currently have a vertical hanging shoe organizer but i need the hanger space. any creative suggestions?
Well, as a matter of fact - here are some ideas & where you can purchase them, as well.

This is the most affordable, most creative design I found. It's the shoe wheel from Rakku Designs!! Of course, I love the image of the color organized shoes as well.

The Shoe Wheel is a mobile shoe storage system with 20 expandable pockets that can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes depending on the type. Sneaker, stilettos and flats can all be inserted through elastic bands, which hold them securely in place. The Shoe Wheel comes with locking wheels and can be rotated for easy selection.

This solution is from Danish designer Lilian Adler ...but of course it's the more expensive one. But they're just so cute. It's the "Hotel Box". Oh, and I just realized - they used to go for $17 (really steep) but now they're even more expensive (insert sad face) at $25. They come in multiple really enticing designs.

You can find the Hotel Box online at Yoya Shop.

Earlier this year in Real Simple Magazine (April '07) there was an ad for this Shoebby system.

Shoebby clear shoe boxes are stackable, so you can arrange them just the way you want, no matter how small your closet storage space is.

Now you can throw out all those old cardboard shoe boxes and replace them with convenient, efficient see-through shoeboxes: Shoebby transparent containers.

This last one, is a list from Apartment Therapy's Chicago Site. You can check it out here.

Briana - I hope these solutions help! I will keep an eye out for more solutions.


PCH said...

hahaha, that shoe wheel looks like a weapon.

Briana Winter said...

that shoe wheel is awesome. going to forward the blog to my friend that's got a ton of shoes. thank you soooo much for dedicating a blog entry to shoes!

shaerocker said...

i need the shoe wheel holy crap! then moonpie can stop eating my damn shoes!